Waiting Is Just So HARD!!

Today, we had the reading of my script for the FIRST TIME.  That means we’re moving away from shitty first draft and heading towards final draft mode.  I received the most amazing feed back that I CANNOT WAIT to incorporate into the script.  Part of me says “let it digest” and the other part says…Read More

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

I can’t believe in less than a week, my much-anticipated read-through is happening!!!  I am actually quite nervous for it, to be honest.  I’m putting my soul on display!  It’s easy to put it out there from behind the screen, but to see all these people in person reading MY WORK out loud WITH ME….…Read More


Today I’ve spent some time working with my good friend Rick Coste (modernaudiodrama.com) on budgeting.  It’s such an important part of the process and DAMN seeing it on paper is scary.  I mean, I DID write in A LOT of characters, but it was vital to the script.  I just didn’t realize just how much…Read More

Hurry Up And Wait

I’m anxious right now.  I CANNOT wait to hear this script read aloud with a group of talented friends and family.  Of course, I’m worried about the script itself because I created it.  How are people going to take it?  Is the dialogue accurate?  Does it sound “dumb?”  Am I being judged?  I mean, luckily,…Read More

How “CHRIS” Came To Be

When I officially decided I wanted to write my own podcast, I had NO idea how to get it going. I had this little notebook my cousin sent me for Christmas one year that I found in my basement while I was cleaning, so I decided to use that. It said “inspire,” “create,” et cetera…Read More