Waiting Is Just So HARD!!

Today, we had the reading of my script for the FIRST TIME.  That means we’re moving away from shitty first draft and heading towards final draft mode.  I received the most amazing feed back that I CANNOT WAIT to incorporate into the script.  Part of me says “let it digest” and the other part says “START NOOOWWW.”   The latter might win after this blog post.  We’ll see.  Depends on how tired I am!  I can’t believe all of this is becoming a reality.  This little pipe dream of mine.

I was chatting with my sister about it the other day and told her, “Do you remember how many plays I wrote as a kid?!”  She laughed and said, “The exact right amount.  You’re doing great!”  Wow.  She’s right.  It was the exact right amount, wasn’t it?  When I was young, I always wanted to go into radio journalism because I wanted to be a writer, but I also wanted to do radio.  Little did I know I would get to combine those two dreams of mine into THIS.

Can I just stop to say: HOLY SHIT.

Now that THAT’S off my chest… a kickstarter update:

I’m ALMOST done with my kickstarter.  There are just a few minor details I need to tweak, but then it’ll be ready to go live.  Rick is working on my promo audio (which we recorded today from the reading… and my buddy who read the role ROCKED it!).  Right now, we’re just waiting on my theme song.  I put down a deposit on it yesterday.  I have to say, my Wish Bracelet fundraiser has helped me SO MUCH.  It paid for a pro photographer to take photos of the reading (so we can use it for promotional purposes), kickstarter rewards, and the theme song!!  WOW!!!!!!  I’m so thankful to have this much luck and love in my life.

Well, off to keep tweaking my kickstarter and to get editing in a bit.

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