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Hurry Up And Wait

I’m anxious right now.  I CANNOT wait to hear this script read aloud with a group of talented friends and family.  Of course, I’m worried about the script itself because I created it.  How are people going to take it?  Is the dialogue accurate?  Does it sound “dumb?”  Am I being judged?  I mean, luckily, most of the people attending the reading know ME as a person well enough that they’ll probably just say “this sounds like something Jess would do!”  But others?  How will they react?  Is the plot too simple?  Those are all worries I have as I continue to plan the reading.  It’s all part of the process though.  In the end, I need to let go of these worries.  If I let them take hold of me, I’ll never put my product out there…. and I’m OH SO excited to share this!!!  Now… to finalize the reading….

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