If You Don’t Know Where To Start, Start At The Beginning

My first blog about “CHRIS” — my first solo script that I’ve ever tried to put into production.  I say that I’ve never written anything like this before but that’s not really true.  As a child, I spent MANY hours writing plays — my parents even bought me a program so I could write them without having to format.  That’s where my childhood best friend, Seraphina, and I wrote “Planet Butt-Feet.”  Strange, I know, but we were little.  And yeah, we were both pretty quirky!  In a good way of course.  But that became a running series with us, which my parents proceeded to record.  Those were my first “short films.”  I don’t have them anymore, but if I did, you’d see that it’s the same tale most actors tell (“I’ve been doing this since before I could walk.”) It’s true though, it’s something you’re born with.  An extreme desire to create.  It’s this force inside that once the bottle is open, it cannot be undone.

That’s how “Chris” started.  Rick Coste, owner of Modern Audio Drama, cast me in my first podcast Audio Drama.  I’d done several audio dramas before, but for radio.  This was different.  A week to week fictional show like back in the good ‘ole days.   I decided I wanted to write my own, but I wanted it to be within the popular category of crime.  So, here we are.  My first podcast, written by me.  Since I didn’t know where to begin, I started with the basics: taking a class.  Kristin Hanggi puts on amazing screen play class I implore ANYONE who has the writing bug to explore.

My next step is to schedule the read-through.  Such a hard task when there are so many factors involved.  But, that’s what’s next!  I’ll keep updating as I progress.  For now, it’s off to bed!

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