How “CHRIS” Came To Be

When I officially decided I wanted to write my own podcast, I had NO idea how to get it going. I had this little notebook my cousin sent me for Christmas one year that I found in my basement while I was cleaning, so I decided to use that. It said “inspire,” “create,” et cetera on it. I thought that would be the perfect medium to begin my journey. I opened up the book, wrote down my idea…. and then went blank. How do I start this? Where do I begin? That’s when I took Kristin’s class to help me get started. I had this idea but I was focusing too much on the “facts” of the actual case and not so much on my own voice. Once I got past that, it all came out over several weeks.

I think the hardest part about writing is that when you get going, you don’t always want to stop that flow. Life doesn’t stop, though. There’s always work, household chores, family, friends. I put off what I could to get out what I had to say when it was flowing, but I couldn’t always do that. On my drive to work, I spent time in silence creating scenes in my head, on my way home from work, to and from the store… anytime I had a moment to spare, it was spent crafting this story.

And how did this story begin? How did I find out about “CHRIS” and his strange hat?

I was looking up unsolved mysteries in Maine. I knew for sure I wanted two things in this story: it HAD to be from Maine and I wanted to base it off of a true story, a la Girl With A Pearl Earring. When I was doing my research, I found this random Web site that talked about a man found in the woods, unidentified, and the only clue was this knitted hat inscribed with “Chris.” It intrigued me to no end. So, that’s where it started. Getting a baseline for the story was the hardest part for me. It didn’t come to me until I was hanging out with my friend Liz. I started telling her about the story, and she just sat listening while drawing a logo for me, and then helped me come up with some of the details I needed to get the story going. Once I had it, it was like the floodgates opening and the Heavens rained up on me these ideas, thoughts, feelings, conversations. The other hard part was that this story is a little risqué… and I was worried about my husband getting uncomfortable. He doesn’t like reading, so he hasn’t heard the story yet…. I’ll update what happens when he goes to the reading! HA!

And that’s how it came to be.

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